Villa with a forest view at One&Only Gorilla's Nest

Forest Dining

Fresh seasonal cuisine inspired by the colours, scents, textures and sounds of the surrounding land.

Taste the gardens

A bountiful chef’s garden, local farmers and team of passionate chefs inspire dishes that tell a new story of Rwanda every day of the year. Selected with care and attention, no ingredient is ever left behind but instead nurtures a new culinary creation.



Surrounded by the gentle hum of Rwandan music and birdsong, observe the dramatic shift of nature at work, from a shimmer of fresh rain to a theatrical sunset. From a quiet early morning coffee to a romantic evening meal – enjoy local seasonal cuisine in complete harmony with the natural surroundings.


With warmth and energy, Nest Bar welcomes you in after a long day of adventure. Sit back and relax as our resident mixologists craft the resort’s signature cocktails for you. One&Only Gorilla’s Nest is surrounded by flourishing rose bushes and these petals are infused in bespoke cocktails, refreshing lemonades, and teas

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